Whistleblower Communication

This is a dedicated Whistleblower Hotline email communication link and any incoming sales or marketing emails shall be reported as “spam”.

Communication from Whistleblowers:

Our company welcomes information from any interested person who is aware of abnormal activity or potential conflict with Labour Standards Policies relating to our supply chain.

Confidential communication may be made to report such information, using the following email address:

Please provide the following information in your email:

1. Identify who the report relates to.

2. What you wish to report.

3. Any additional relative information.

4. Your contact email address to reply to, where needed (optional),

5. Your name (optional).

6. Your contact telephone number, for communication (optional).

All communication is only accessible to company senior management and is treated in confidence. Should you not wish to provide contact details (optional) we may be unable to confirm details of reported allegations or to give any feedback on our findings to you. Any reports will still be investigated.