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In the United States and Europe, more than 3 million laparoscopic procedures are performed each year. As the importance of aesthetics increases, surgeons are faced with the challenge of performing the requisite tasks of laparoscopic surgery through smaller incisions and fewer ports. Visualization of the target tissue is of paramount importance but is often compromised by organs and soft tissue overlaying the desired anatomical target.



Virtual Ports is dedicated to bringing a higher level of performance to laparoscopic surgery through the use of proprietary MicroAnchoring™ technology to provide secure laparoscopic organ retraction using exceptionally small-profile devices. Virtual Ports designs and manufactures the only products capable of using existing ports to retract organs entirely from within the body cavity. These devices allow the surgeon to perform critical procedural functions without cluttering the laparoscopic workspace.

Virtual Ports solutions optimize tissue access and visualization by allowing surgeons to atraumatically retract the organ obstructing the surgical field of view by lifting it and anchoring it to the intra-abdominal wall. The Virtual Ports approach results in complete organ retraction without the need of a dedicated port or assistant.

MicroAnchoring technology characteristics enable Virtual Ports products to offer nearly unlimited angles of organ positioning in surgery.


The Virtual Ports products are introduced into the body using a proprietary applier hand instrument, removed after the consumable is securely fastened to the intra-abdominal wall.

  • EndoGrab™ Port-Free Retractor completely retracts the organ in two directions, without the need of a dedicated port.
  • EndoLift™ Port-Free Retractor optimizes access to larger soft tissue structures, such as the liver and uterus.


Cholecystectomy: Gallbladder removal — the most common laparoscopic procedure — with over 1 million procedures/year in the United States. A minimally invasive approach has become the standard of care. Virtual Ports technology addresses unmet needs: simplifying the operative workspace, improving access and visualization of target tissue, and reducing the number of surgical ports required. Fewer ports reduce materials cost, operative time and the risk of infection, and significantly improve the aesthetic outcome. EndoGrab is critical enabling technologies for this procedure.

Bariatric: Approximately 175,000 procedures performed annually in the U.S. The key to simplifying and streamlining these procedures lies in maintaining accessibility to the stomach. EndoLift safely and completely retracts the liver for unparalleled access to the stomach without use of a dedicated port.

Colon Resection: Approximately 280,000 procedures are performed annually in the U.S. EndoGrab improves accessibility to the desired tissue while reducing the number of surgical ports, materials cost and risk of infection.

Robotic Surgery: These procedures place new constraints on surgical techniques, due in part to the significant cost of the capital equipment, which increases the cost of OR time.

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