Diathermy Testers


Pinhole Detector - DTU-6 for Safety Checking of Diathermy Instruments. Avoid Thermal Injuries from Faulty Surgical Instrument Insulation. Unique Product.






Simple test techniques No special skills to be acquired
Non-destructive test procedures No damage to instruments from test systems
Fault indication by audible or visual signal Reproducible results
Isolated from electrical mains Technical support from a British manufacturer
Accurate system settings Maintenance programme and re-callibration service available (where appropriate).
Fully supported by manufacturer/distributor Compatible with Quality/Health & Safety initiatives
Meets relevant ISO Standard and is CE marked    


The DTU-6 is the device of choice for ensuring the the insulation on diathermy instruments is intact and the instrument will not pose a hazard to either an operator or a patient. The device is powered by "AA" batteries or mains transformer. No special technique is required and audible and visual indicators confirm fault detection. The testing procedure itself will not damage instuments being tested.

DTU-6 unit comprising of:
Portable Generator Unit; Batteries; Brush Electrode;
Mains Transformer; Test Leads; Operating Instructions
Optional Accessories:  Electrodes for Testing Laparoscopic Instruments (DTU/MID)  

Continuity Tester - CT9v for Diathermy Cables

The CT9v will detect open circuit faults on bipolar and monopolar diathermy leads with 4mm plug ends or hook ends; an adapter is available for testing leads with Bovey 8mm plug ends.

 The Continuity Tester is supplied complete with a PP3 9V battery and full operating instructions.




Check the safety of your surgical and laparoscopic instruments. Avoid thermal injury to staff and patients. Reduce risk in surgery. Essential devices for operating theatre, sterile service units, hospital service departments (EBME).

DTU-6 Pinhole Detector is widely used internationally in reusable and single use electrosurgical instrument manufacturing, production, quality control and R + D departments. Also extensively used by surgical instrument repair organisations.

Export enquiries from non USA based customers welcome.