Looking for Cost Effective Savings - We could Help !!

As more presssure is applied to hospital budgets and the need increases to stretch your money further, Newco Surgical understands your dilemma.

To make your life easier, we have already done the homework and identified various products and procurement methods which can save you money.

Talk to us about our extremely cost effective Eco-Tip Laparoscopic Scissors - a top quality take apart instrument with a low cost multi-use tip. Wish to see the surgeons' feedback ... just ask us. Existing Hospital users are already saving thousands of pounds.. 

We still have the most user friendly Sterile Single Use Laparoscopic Scope Warmer device on the market. Thank you to one of our competitors and their recent Cost Comparitive Survey published on their website (as at Oct 2017). They have indicated that, based on their own calculation criteria, they could effect "an annual potential savings up to £ 676.00" against another ScopeWarmer device. It is great for us to announce that using the published comparative criteria, we could effect "an annual potential savings up to £ 1,092.00". Have we made our point? Ask us for further information on the discussed web site links if you wish to see for yourself.  Oh!! By the way .....just remember that we still offer one of the safest models on the market, which are subjected to extremely stringent material and manufacturing quality audits.


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