Laparoscopic Scope Warmer

Single Use, Sterile Scope Warmer – Advanced Design – the first ScopeWarmer with Closing Studs

Secures the Scope Warmer around your Laparoscope or Robotic Laparoscope

Still the Original Scope Warmer – tried and trusted, but improved design, without increase in cost

Extremely Cost Efficient – Easy To Use – Safe, Sterile “CE” Surgical Scope Warmer

Scope Warmer Pre-Warms Laparoscope in Only a few Minutes, prior to Surgery

Ensure Fog-Free Laparoscopy Procedures – Save Valuable Surgical Operating Time

Design Patents applicable in EUROPE, JPN, TWN, PRC, EP. Additional US and other Patents Pending

Major Advantages include:

  • Unique Closing System secures warmer to scope and improves warming efficiency
  • Scope Warmer stays warm for 40 ~ 60 minutes + (even longer when wrapped in sterile towels)
  • Secondary Laparoscope is always heated
  • Accommodates all sizes and length of laparoscopes
  • Minimise damage to your endoscopes
  • Ideal for Bariatric, Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery
  • Excellent for use on Longer Duration Laparoscopic Surgery Procedures
  • Peace of Mind – Stringent Quality Control of Product Components, Production, Packaging and Sterility
  • Safe Sterile Surgical Scope Warmer
  • Pre-warm Laparoscope in a few minutes
  • Cost efficient Scope Warmer
  • Easy to use Laparoscopic Warmer
  • Single Use Sterile Scope Warmer
  • Warmer for Laparoscopic or Robotic Laparoscope
  • Fog Free Laparoscopy
  • Save Valuable Surgery Operating Time
  • Advanced Design Scope Warmer
  • Presurgical Warmer for Laparoscope
  • CE Surgical Scope Warmer
  • Sterile product ready for immediate use
  • Lap Scope Warmer
  • For warming laparoscope for “fog-free” work
  • Single-Use medical device
  • Cost-effective anti-fog solution for laparoscope
  • Pre-warm full length of Laparoscope
  • Successfully used in surgery for many years
  • Tried, Trusted, Improved Design Scope Warmer

(As mentioned in the British Association of Day Surgery (BADS) Journal Article “Tried and Tested”)

BADS Journal Link :

This product is already approved and being widely used by most Private Healthcare Groups and the NHS in the UK

Distribution partners within other European Countries. Additional Distributor enquiries welcome.

“CE” Approved Medical Device for Sale into Europe

European Distribution Warehouse in UK

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Scope Warmer for Vision – Scope Warmer for Safety – Scope Warmer for Reduced Surgery Time -Scope Warmer for Lower Surgery Costs
Scope Warmer for Robotic Surgery – Ideal for use with “Da Vinci” Robot Scope
Low Cost Scope Warmer Device for Laparoscopic Surgery