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Laparoscopic Stabilising Arms for Surgery

Extremely popular and widely used in Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery, for many years. Also commonly referred to under an assortment of generic names.

Attaches directly onto the Operating Theatre Table Side Rail. Stabilising Arm may be adjusted and locked into position, according to Surgeon Requirements.

Adjustable jaw section may accommodate instruments or Laparoscope of sizes between 3mm – 12mm diameter.

Some jaw configurations also suitable to hold standard open surgery retractor handles of various shapes. Provides an extra hand in surgery.

Nathanson Hook Liver Retractor System

Comprising of an assortment of small, medium and large size “Nathanson” Hooks for liver and organ retraction, which are stabilised by attachment to an Adjustable and lockable, Positioning Arm, mounted onto the side rail of an Operating Theatre Table, during Laparoscopic Surgery. Models are available with standard tip length and some sizes available with extended tip lengths. Requests for custom models and special variations may be considered.

The Laparoscopic “Murdoch Arm” style is a common basic model and Surgeons also find the rigid semi-articulated “Posi-Loc”(illustrated further below) an extremely popular and strong arm. A Long Reach Version of the strong “Posi-Loc” Arm is extremely versatile for use in Bariatric Surgery and for Paediatric Surgery.

Models are available with fixed clamping jaw or with interchangeable jaw inserts.

Laparoscopic "Posi-Loc" Semi-Rigid Articulated Stabilising Arm

Comprising of an “all in one” Surgical Stabilising Arm with separate Adjustable Operating Theatre Table Clamp.

Provides a solid fixation of “Nathanson” Retractor Blade, Fan Retractor, “GoldfingerTM” and “Diamond Flex”TM or other laparoscopic instrument.

All multi adjustable joints are stabilsed and locked in position by tightening one central locking point.

"Posi-Loc" Multi Purpose Rigid Articulated Arm

Quick Latch Sleeve accepts hex fit and other attachments

Low maintainance, economical, reliable, affordable

Universal Autoclavable Table Clamp

Accepts round and flat bar accessories

Fits most O.R. Table Side Rails

Special size sterilisation baskets available for Stabilising Arms and Nathanson Sets. See Instrument Trays page.

Baskets also available for selection of Murdoch, Codman Bookwalter, Mediflex Bookler and Strongarm, Cook, Iron Intern, Fastclamp, Martin Arm and other common configuration surgical arms.

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